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Shadowland #1 Cover“Shadowland” is the story of Shadeland Detective Ian Gates, a hard charging cop coming closer and closer to the edge as he buries himself deeper and deeper in his work. Part refuge from the emotional wreckage that is his personal life, part self imposed penance, his single mindedness has taken it's toll on him and everyone around him.

As a former special forces member and a violent crimes detective Ian is a man who thinks he's seen all the ugliness the world has to offer. But, in the midst of a high profile investigation of a string of grisly murders a random encounter will reveal another world he, nor almost anyone else, has ever seen. Full of creatures who seem to far outrank man on the food chain this world, existing in the shadows of our own, threatens to engulf and swallow the one Ian knows.


Tobias Elmore is an aspiring film and television director and producer (and actor if he was being honest with himself) The Writerfrom the Magic City of Birmingham, AL. A videographer and editor for several years, the jump from local commercials, tv shows and the occasional wedding (which only happens when he REALLY needs the money) to producing web series and indie flicks turns out to be a pretty big one, especially in small pond like B'ham. So, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, he made the decision to tear a whole in the box in order to step outside. If one genre is too hard to get a foothold in, try another!

Inspired by other comic book series like “The Walking Dead” and any number of Marvel or DC franchises put on the big and small screen Tobias decided to turn his pilot script (which only coincidentally happened to win 1st place in the Scriptapalooza TV Writing competition in 2011) into a graphic novel. After putting out the call and wading through numerous submissions from many talented artists he finally found his man when he ran across the moody and brooding style of kickass illustrator Ken Bastard.

And thus, Shadowland was born.